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September 2023

13 Tracks: Down And Outsville * Bad Case Of Loving You * The Hand That Rocks The Cradle * Everybody's Reaching For Someone * Goodbye * You're Causing Trouble * Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart * If You Love Me Let Me Know * This Is The Life * Silver Wings * I Was Nobody's Child * Chance Of A Lifetime * Spanish Lady (Duet Brandon & Tiby Allen of Foster & Allen).

 'The Singer' is the latest album from Brandon McPhee showcasing his talent as a singer and some of his own compositions.

Brandon McPhee (vocals, acoustic guitar, accordion), Manson Grant ( piano, bass, vocal harmony, strings, trumpet), Robert Cameron (drums, saxophone), Phil Anderson (guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, vocal harmony, strings, piano), Steve Hinson (steel guitar), Richard Nelson (steel guitar), Aubrey Heaney (fidlle), Tony Allen (Foster and Allen) , Spanish Lady).

"Well, here I am writing a few words for Brandon's new album. Ten years have passed since I wrote the sleeve notes for his album "In Country Song" and in those years I have watched Brandon's star rise. He has a very definite idea of what he wants to sing and this is very evident in this collection of songs. Here he treats us to some of his own compositions that sit perfectly with country standards like "The Hand that Rocks The Cradle" and "Silver Wings".

We all became aware of Brandon as a teenager because of his talented accordion playing and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that he had a fine singing voice also. In his live shows, he transitions seamlessly from playing a rousing accordion tune to singing a beautiful ballad. Brandon is held in high esteem in the music business and this is evident on this album where he is joined by Tony Allen of Foster and Allen on a duet of The Spanish Lady. I have no doubt that this new album will be well received by all of you who love his music and I'm sure it will win him many new fans." Daniel O'Donnell.


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