Blazin' Fiddles - Magnificent Seven

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(August 2005) 12 tracks (60 mins): Skylark * Miss Johnstone * Catriona * The Donegal Set * Bruce * Drunk at Night * Aidan * Allan * Shetland * Iain * Murdo * Lily Dale.

The new album from the vibrant Scottish fiddle group - Aidan O'Rourke, Iain MacFarlane, Allan Henderson, Bruce MacGregor, Catriona MacDonald, Andy Thorburn (piano) and Mark Clements (guitar).

Each member of Blazin' Fiddles draws the distinct flavour of music form their part of the Highlands and Islands. From solo to ensemble sets, they raise the roof with a fiery blend of tunes. From Shetland style to Texas swing, Irish folk to a Hardanger fiddle waltz, and Gaelic trad to vaudeville stunt piece - this album just about covers it all.

The band came together in 1998 for a one-off tour for the Highland Festival, purely as a way of highlighting Scottish fiddle styles. However, the fantastic audience response and the great times the group had themselves resulted in everyone wanting to keep the bandwagon rolling.

Since then they have played throughout the world, touring North America, most of Europe and the UK. Their live performances have drawn a range of superlatives not often associated with traditional music in Scotland.

"Seven years together - seven wonderful styles"

"Enough craic to fuel an entire festival" (The Highland News)

"The Led Zeppelin of traditional music" (The Scotsman)

"Absolutely mindblowing" (Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2)

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