John McCusker and Billy Connolly - Billy Connolly's Musical Tour Of New Zealand

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(January 2005) 17 tracks: Billy's Bobby Theme * Billy's Fast Waltz * Billy's Slow Waltz * Billy's Reel * Banjo Reel * Wandering Soul * Billy's Breton * Schaffer Jig * Billy's Strathspey * Rose Of Sharon (1) * Traditional * Billy's Jig * Carnival Of Venice * Billy's Slow Air * Rose Of Sharon (2) * The Cuckoo * Pokarekare Ana.

Original music by Billy Connolly and John McCusker.

Fiddles, autoharp, cittern, flute and a host of top folk musicians feature here, including John McCusker, Kate Rusby and Michael McGoldrick playing along with the Big Yin.

Soundtrack of the BBC series Billy Connolly's World Tour Of New Zealand. Includes Wandering Soul, a previously unrecorded Kate Rusby track.

Billy Connolly (banjo, autoharp, vocals) and John McCusker (fiddles, viola, whistles, cittern, ukulele) with Andy Cutting (diatonic accordion), Ian Carr (guitar), Ewen Vernal (double bass), Michael McGoldrick (flute, uilleann pipes), James Mackintosh (percussion), Kate Rusby (guitar, vocals), Andy Seward (double bass, banjo), Phil Cunningham (accordion), Kris Drever (double bass, banjo), Eddi Reader (harmony vocals) and John Doyle (tenor guitar).

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