The Bill Sharp Accordion Orchestra - Accordions Unlimited

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(1997) 12 tracks (64 mins): Lady Madalina: Lady Madalina Sinclair's Birthday / Miss Anne MacNamara / Yesterhouse / Herman the Carpenter / The Craig of Barns Reel / Scottsville Reel * Jigs in G and D: The Boys of the Town / The Jumpy Jig / The Man in the Moon / Pat's Parlour * Mrs Ferguson: Mrs Ferguson of Reith March / Sir Harry's Welcome Home / The Storemont Lads / Pretty Maggie Morrisey / Stack of Barley / Beautiful Swany River * Dr Shaw: Royal Scots Polka / Dr Shaw / Fr John Angus Rankin's / Traditional Reel / Garmont Smiddies / Traditional Reel / Mr John Stewart of Grantully * Short Grass: Short Grass / Shins around the Fireside / Mrs Campbell * Willie and Wendy: The Tweeddale Club / Welcome to Your Feet Again / Glengarry's Dirk / The Braes of Auchtertyre / Argyle Bowling Green / Blind Nora O'Neill / Fife Hund * The Studio Square Set: Dismissal Reel / West Mabou Reel / Paddy on the Turn Pike / Pat Wilmot's / The Primrose Lass * Bell Piano: The Bell Piano / Traditional Strathspey / Traditional Strathspey / Traditional Reel / John Morris Rankin Reel / Bernadette's Reel / The White Crow * Jigs in the key of G: Traditional Jig / The Black Hoe / The Maid on the Green / Traditional Jig * A Dandy Group by Willie: Mr Thom / The Braes of Tullymet / The Marquis of Huntly / Lord Kelly / Sir Archibald Grant of Money Musk / Pigeon on the Gate / You and I / The Strand / A Dan J Campbell * A Minor Jigs: MacDonald of the Isles / Mom's Jig / Rakes of Kildare / Judique Jig * Two Polka's and a Reel: A Traditional Polka / Polka #3 / Princess Royal.

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