Battlefield Band - After Hours

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(1987) 16 tracks: After Hours * Frideray * A Chance As Good As Any * Anthem * The Dear Green Place * Look Across The Water * The Green Plaid * Mary Cassidy * I Am The Common Man * The St Kilda Girl's Lament * The Lads O' The Fair * The Sauchiehall Street Salsa * The Boar And The Fox * The Battle Of Waterloo * The Snows of France and Holland * Bad Moon Rising.

"It’s always easy to quibble with the selection on such albums, but pretty hard to fault this one. 58 minutes of the best, most tuneful (and perhaps most accessible) music from the lads on a medium much more suited to the Temple standards of production than vinyl, make this an ideal introduction to the band." (Folk Roots)

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