Barry Nisbet - A Bright Ray Of Sunshine

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(May 2020)

10 Tracks: Borderland * Comfortless Cove * Brydon And Anona's Wedding Waltz * Train To Anywhere * Hunger's Daughter * Desert Wind * Da Ballad O Da Jessie * Come In The Summer Time * Imperial Jig/Night Trip To London * Within Sadness.

This skilful album has 10 tracks of all original material from Shetland musician/ singer songwriter Barry Nisbet.

He combines the music of his native Shetland with a style inspired by the drama of the islands, history, the sea, and his own travels and experiences.

A Bright Ray of Sunshine features an eclectic mix of moods and musical styles with collaborative support from notable musicians from Dundee and beyond.

The album was conceived when Barry was working in Dundee with bands including 'Wire And Wool' and 'Two Thieves and Seven Sons'. All tracks were recorded in Perthshire In October and November 2017 and originally released 2018.

Barry performs regularly in Scotland, England and mainland Europe.

The cover artwork is by Glasgow based artist Mick Peter.

Barry Nisbet (vocals, fiddle, guitar), Theo Barnard (lead guitar track 1,guitar 5, backing vocals 1,2) * Ade Dacre (drums), Stephen Jack (bass tracks 2,4,5,6), Amira Kremers (backing vocals tracks 1, 8), Fiona McAndrew (backing vocals tracks 4,6,7,8) * Robbie Ward (piano tracks 3,5,6,7,9), (harmonium / rhodes 1,4,8,10), (whistle track 2), (bass 1,9), backing vocals track 2), Robin Wynn Evans (recording engineer percussion track 5).

"Barry Nisbet combines a resonating vocal with spine tingling acoustic guitar and fiddle'…'A Bright Ray of Sunshine is magnificent! ***** " Bryony Hegarty - Rhythm n Reel Magazine.

"There's a directness, a truthfulness in this delightful collection that feels very welcome just now. Barry Nisbet will be going straight to the top of the CD pile next time, and no messing" Su O'Brien,

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