Arthur Cormack - Ruith na Gaoith

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(1989) 14 tracks: Ruith na gaoith (Chasing the wind) * 0 Mhàiri e Mhàiri (O Mary) * 'S mòr mo chùram 's mi ga stiuireadh (Great is my sorrow as I steer the boat) * 'S truagh nach do dh' fhuirich mi tioram air tìr (What a pity I never stayed on dry land) * Tionnaidh am bàt' (Turn the boat) * A' choille ghruamach (The gloomy forest) * Gad chuimhneachadh (Remembering you) * Gràdh geal mo chridh' (Fair love of my heart) * Oràn an t-saighdear (The soldier's song) * Màiri ruadh a' dannsa an nochd (Red-haired Mary will be dancing tonight) * A nigheanag a' ghràidh (My beloved girl) * Fhir a shiubhlas na frìthe (A Culloden lament) * Loch na h-òb (Loch na h-Ob) * An cluinn thu mi mo nighean donn (Do you hear me my brown-haired girl).

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