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(January 2012) 10 tracks: Solo * Sandman * The Bell * One Morning In May * High The Laverock Sings * Tunes: Down North / Chloe's Passion / Pitlochry High School Centenary * Little Bird * Show Me The Road * The Exile's Song * Don't Go.

Hints of jazz and blues are melded with contemporary songs in the folk vein.

The multi-instrumentalist and superb singer Annie Grace has lots of experience through her work with The Iron Horse, The Unusual Suspects, Scottish Women and others.

Annie Grace (lead vocals, pipes, whistle), Jonny Hardie (guitar, fiddle, viola, vocals), Aaron Jones (guizouki, guitar, vocals), Aly Macrae (guitar, ukulele, harmonium, piano, banjax, euphonium, saw, fiddle, vocals), Nigel Hitchcock (alto sax), Kevin McGuire (double bass).

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