Anna Murray - Into Indigo

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13 tracks: Finbarr Saunders / Gaol Na H-Òige, Na Goisidich / Tar The House / The Ness Pipers, Saoil A'Mhór, Dolina MacKay / The Ballivanich / The Brown Haired Maid, An Ribhinn Bhòidheach, Southpark House / Tarruing Teann An Crios / Kevin's Celtic Chasm, Mairead Nan Cuiread, The Hazy Day / Zeto the Bubbleman / The Last Tango in Harris, An Deidh's Mo Mhealladh, Bràigh Loch-Iall / Miss Campbell of Sheerness / The Atlantic Bridge, A Ghaoil Saoil Am Faigh Mi Thu? / Hacking Windows, Crann Tara / Alasdair Òig Mhic'ic Neacail, Gad Ionndrainn.

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