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(March 2003) 13 tracks: Boo's Jig! * Ellie's Reel * Barachois Reel / Scotsman's Screwdriver / Panic * Joining of the Spirits * Sue's Celebration * Captain Campbell / Freewheeling to Kings House * Mackworth / The Beeswing Hornpipe * Mirrlees Lane * McArthur Road / Miss Michelle Grehan's Farewell to her Degree * Flowers for Mamie Wylie / The Secret Wedding * The Hen's March O'er the Midden * In Vino Libero Tutta La Notte * Top o'the Morgen to Ya * 21 Miles to Biggar / Tony's 4 Some Reel * Seaforth.

Angus and Ruaridh form an accordion and fiddle duo who are energetic, passionate and fun. They share a love and pride for traditional music and their performances encompass a complete spectrum of melody, from the fastest, birling reels, to the most tender slow airs.

As well as playing traditional tunes, Angus and Ruaridh also compose and perform much of their own music, drawing influence from both the traditional music of their upbringing and the rich and diverse music of today.

Six times British accordion champion, Angus released his debut album Long Road in 2001 and has since toured Europe with his own band.

Ruaridh is an accomplished performer, having played to audiences both at home and abroad. He has enjoyed much success as a solo fiddler, winning numerous competitions and is in great demand to play at concerts and recitals. Ruaridh is the current winner of the prestigious Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship.

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