Allan MacDonald - The Moidart Collection vol 2 Of Music- An Dara Ceud

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(January 2013)

Two Four Marches: Angus MacKinnon Of Eigg * Ulgary * Domhnall Eairdsidh Domhnullach * The Argyllshire Gathering's Welcome To Its Gold Medal * Alasdair MacAonghais * Fearchair MacRath * Seumas And Peigi MacPhee * Calum Eairdsidh Choinnich * Vice Admiral Sir Roderick MacDonald's March * Allan And Elizabeth MacDonald, Arishaig.

Quicksteps: MacNabs * The Road To Loch Nam Bairneas * Inverness Gathering * Mary Weep No More For Me * Willie Cameron's March.

Marches: O'Donnell's Return * Welcome Home Grainne * Casg Nan Cisean * Floraidh NicNill, Barraidh * Ian Fraser, School Of Scottish Studies * Pearlin Peggie's Bonny * Posadh Beathag An Ceard.

Three Four Tunes: Lo Delo Delo * Tha'm Buntata Mor * We're A Case, The Bunch Of Us * Lorna's Waltz * Hoodemaroo.

Strathspeys: Ardanachan * Miss Robertson Of Greshornish * Tha Ceum Danns' A Dhith * Old John MacPherson's Favourite * Dusky Meadow * Abair Thusa Mi Bi Tarraing * Craigellachie Bridge * The Stormont Lads.

Airs And Songs: Cumha Brathair * Taladh Bhride * Hi Ho Leagain * Lochaber No more * Cro Chinn T-Saile * Angela * Tha Sior Chaoineah Am Beinn Dobhrain * Mo Ghaol' S Mo Ghraidh's M'Euail Thu * Caoineadh Eoghan Rua O' Suilleabhain * Colla Mo Run * Ion Do Ion Da * Hug Oreann O Ro.

Irregular Time Signature: Contrary * Tha Mi As A H-Uile Aite San Robh Mi Riamh * Cridhe Ur Anna * Consistency * Stevie And Elizabeth's Wedding * Porto Torres * Two Bars Over The Half Score For Nan.

Jigs: Na Ceannabhain Bhana * Lasses That Baffle Us * Dr Flora MacAuley, Carradale * Maidean Dubh An Donais * Brose And Butter * Co Ni Mire Ri Mairi * Bumpth On Theaths * Dr Iain MacAonghais * Skippinish Hooroa * Masaki's Jig * Annie's Carafe * Peggy's Wedding * The Decision * Maggie's Broken Vase * I Have It Somewhere.

Reels: Katie Ness Of Kinnyside * The Top Tier * Glen Lyon * MacPherson's * General MacDonald * Lord McConneell Of Lough Erne And Lochend * Viscount Warwick Johnson, Dunedin * Sir Brian Vallely Of Armagh * Dr Alasdair MacKenzie * Miss E MacLeod * The Four Courts * Da Cold Nights Of Winter * Life Is Like A Mushroom * Lassie With The Yellow Coatie * Prince Of Wales * Sweeper's * Bunker Hill * Miss Ann MacKechnie * Fasgadhdail * Tommy And Ronnie's Double Tonic * A Direadh's A Tearnadh Na Beinne Moire * Sir Ronald MacDonald's Reel * Jonny O'Sullivan's Reel * Am Fasan Th'Aig Na Caileagan * The Procastinator * The Lunatic Fringe * Coinneach Aig An Stiuir * Sorry I'm Late * Kenna's Ceilidh * Air An Fheill A Muigh * The Flagon.

The second collection of 100 pipe tunes, with a CD that has 58 of the tunes played by Allan on Deger Electronic Pipes.

The success of the three editions of the 'First hundred' Moidart Collection encouraged Allan to produce another collection of one hundred pieces. Forty five of which are traditional and forty five, his own. The rest consists of tunes composed by his brothers Angus and Iain.

Allan, a leading light in the Gaelic musical scene, is always in demand as a piper, singer, composer, musical director, workshop leader, and lecturer on Gaelic music.

His work as a scholar-performer reuniting seventeenth-century piping with its Gaelic roots is influencing a whole generation of pipers.

From 1996 Allan has been teaching on the RSAMD BA Scottish Music Degree Course and its more specialised collaboration with the Piping Centre since 2001.

There are notes at the back of the book, with background information on eighty-five of the tunes are interesting.

Due to technical limitations, Allan has not been able to include all tunes on the CD.

A4 paperback, landscape format.

"The Moidart Collection II, An Deud Ceud (The Second Hundred) does not disappoint: another hundred tunes, another collection of melodies and rhythms to test and influence the thinking and way of playing of our world." Michael Grey.

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