Alexander McCall Smith And James Ross - These Are The Hands

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(March 2019)

12 Tracks: The Waves Bear The Saints * On Clouds Over Mull * The Great Michael * Forth Bridges * The Vikings Sing Their Tribute * Built On The Clyde * You Are Far Away * Miner * Miner's Hymn * Cutty Sark * Corvette Returning * Silver Darlings.

An exciting album of new songs and music, James Ross plays piano and Alexander McCall Smith narrates.

Together they have joined forces to create 'These Are The Hands - a celebration of Scotland, the sea and the land.

Alexander McCall Smith, is one of the world's most popular and prolific authors and poet, and James Ross, who is earning a growing reputation as a composer of music that pushes the boundaries of Scottish traditional music.

The songs are performed by Michelle Burke, who was the lead singer with Irish-American music group 'Cherish The Ladies', and the gorgeous, peat-smoked tone of Kathleen MacInnes, a Gaelic singer from South Uist of international acclaim, who has been part of Transatlantic Sessions and featured in Ridley Scott’s film 'Robin Hood'.

James Ross (piano), Alexander McCall Smith (narrates), Session musicians include: Su-a-Lee (cello), Patsy Reid (fiddle), Leo Forde (guitar), Angus Lyon (accordion), Liam Bradley (percussion) and John Kenny (trombone).

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