Alastair Savage - Secrets From The Kitty

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(May 2016)

10 Tracks: Winter Blue * Late For The Lansdowne / Granny Bell's Real / Moggi * A Vanishing Way Of Life * One Chance To Celebrate * Let The Afternoon Go * Andover Market * Alright With You * One Of Those Weeks / Snow Reel * Evening Song * Bottles And Friends.

The third studio album of compositions from fiddler Alastair Savage and his trio with Euan Drysdale and Iain Crawford.

Recorded from June to September 2011 it represents the group's return to Butterstone Studios after 4 years had passed since their previous recording.

Fiddler Alastair Savage inhabits both folk and classical worlds, in this album he combines some spectacular fireworks with a feel for sweet melancholy.

A strong emphasis is still given to traditional elements in the fiddle melodies, most of the tracks demonstrating simplicity in arrangement and approach.

Alastair Savage (fiddle), Euan Drysdale (guitar, piano), Iain Crawford (double bass).

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