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(May 2016)

11 Tracks: First Light * Glenfinnan * Eight Hours Late * Stand Your Ground * Planet Radio * Domestic Chaos * Midnight Air * Pockets Of Silence * Paint The Ceiling * Farewell But Not Goodbye * Trusty Fiere.

A second album from the talented fiddler /composer Alastair Savage.

This album was recorded at Dougie Maclean's Butterstone Studios in 2007.

It traces the compositional development of Alastair since the previous album in 2004 and continues his association with guitarist/pianist Euan Drysdale and double bassist Iain Crawford.

The album is of entirely original material and further explores the folk, jazz, classical and progressive elements of the group's earlier work.

The album is dedicated partly to Euan's father 'Billy' and Alastair's aunt 'Jean', both of whom had passed away in the months leading up to recording the album.

Some of the tracks have been used by BBC television for background to documentaries and should appeal to anyone interested in programmatic /film music.

The versatility of Euan Drysdale and Iain Crawford as instrumentalists and co arrangers is again displayed and the album is a continuation of the group's relationship.

Alastair Savage (fiddle), Euan Drysdale (guitar, piano), Iain Crawford (double bass).

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