100 Scottish Greats

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(October 2018)

A musical treat, with 100 tracks of Over 5 Hours of Great Scottish Music on 4 Themed CDs.

CD 1 A rousing CD of Anthems including, A Scottish Soldier, Scotland The Brave, Highland Cathedral, The Dark Island and many more.

CD 2: 25 Great Ceilidh Tracks, with Jigs, Reels, Polkas, Waltzes and Strathspeys all you need to get the dancing started.

CD3: 26 Scottish Party / Singalong tracks, including Come In Come In, Hoots Mon, Bye Bye Baby, Roamin’ In The Gloamin and You Canna' Shove Your Granny Off A Bus.

CD4: After the party its time to relax with this 26 track CD, including Rowan Tree, Banks and Braes, Flowers of the Forest, Amazing Grace, and Auld Lang Syne.

Mixed and mastered by Stuart Wood and Gordon Campbell at The Music Kitchen, Edinburgh.

CD 1: 24 Tracks: Scotland the Brave (Pipes And Drums And Regimental Band Of The Royal Highland Fusiliers) * 500 Miles (Live Version) (The MacDonald Bros) * Flower Of Scotland (The Munros) * Braveheart (The Munros) * Caledonia (Julienne Taylor ) * A Scottish Soldier (Andy Stewart) * Wild Mountain Thyme (The Munros) * Loch Lomond (The Munros) * Highland Cathedral (Kelly Brown And Voices Of Scottish Rugby) * Scots Wha Hae (Pentlands Folk) * Scottish And Proud Of It (The Munros) * Local Hero Theme (The Munros) * Mull Of Kintyre (The Munros feat. Former Junior World Champion David Methven) * Ye Jacobites By Name (The Munros) * Sailing (The Munros) * A Man's A Man for A' That (The Munros featuring David Methven) * Ae Fond Kiss (The MacDonald Bros) * Skye Boat Song (Celtic Spirit) * Celtic Mantra (Julienne Taylor) * My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose (Duncan McCrone) * Bonnie Dundee (Buccleuch And Queensferry Caledonia Pipe Band) * Always Argyle (Duncan McCrone With The Tron Band) * Dark Island (The Munros featuring David Methven) * Crazy About Scotland (Celtic Spirit).

CD 2 - 24 Tracks: Bluebell Polka (Jimmy Shand) * The Jigs Medley (Ceilidh Minogue) * Celtic Reel (The MacDonald Bros) * Strip the Willow / Neil Throw's Reel / Manola's Reel (Addie Harper & The Wick Scottish Band) * Medley (Ceilidh Minogue) * Dashing White Sergeant (Jim Johnston & His Band) * Virginia Reel Medley (Haud Yer Lugs Celidh Band) * The Gay Gordons (The Lothian Scottish Dance Band) * The Circassian Circle Medley (Ceilidh Minogue) * Loch Lomond (Billy McIntyre & His All Star Ceilidh Band) * Fiddle Faddle Medley (Jimmy Shand) * Scottish Waltz Medley (The Lothian Scottish Dance Band) * The Red House Reel (Jimmy Shand) * Gaelic Waltz Medley (Ceilidh Minogue) * March, Strathspey And Reel Medley (Freeland Barbour) * Highland Schottische Medley (Haud Yer Lugs Celidh Band) * The Duke of Atholl's Reel (Jimmy Shand) * The Witches Reel Medley (Ceilidh Minogue) * Hamilton House (Jimmy Shand) * Rabbie Burns Reels (Glebe St Ceilidh Band) * Ceilidh Country Medley (Haud Yer Lugs Celidh Band) * Rocky Mountain Medley (Part 1) (Jimmy Shand) * The Two Step Medley (Ceilidh Minogue) * Eightsome Reels (Billy McIntyre & His All Star Ceilidh Band).

CD 3: 26 Tracks: Come In Come In (It's Nice to See You) (Andy Stewart) * The Song of the Clyde (Kenneth McKellar) * Hoots Mon (Lord Rockinghams XI) * Donald Where's Yer Troosers (Andy Stewart with The White Heather Group) * Skinny Malinky Long Legs (Collie Crew) * Shang-A Lang * Stop Yer Ticklin Jock (Party Mix) (The Mad Macs) * Bonnie Wee Jeanie McColl (Marc Andrew) * Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus (Collie Crew) * Beautiful Sunday (Scottish Mix) (Angie Cameron) * Scottish Sing A Long Medley (Wattie Watson and Friends) * Young At Heart (The Bonaly Boys) * Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (Party Mix) (DJ's Ess & Gee feat. Angie) * Fitba' Crazy (Collie Crew) * Magic (The MacDonald Bros) * Love Is All Around (The MacDonald Bros) * Roamin' In The Gloamin' (Harry Lauder) * The Happy Haggis (Bert Shorthouse & His Glenlomond Band) * Bye Bye Baby (DJ's Ess & Gee) * Millport In The Morning (The Trailenders) * Come Back Susannah (Collie Crew) * Second Hand News (Julienne Taylor) * Be Baw Babbity (A Laddie Or A Wee Lassie) (Collie Crew) * You Can Always Come Home Son (The Macs) * The Tongue In Cheek Wee Scottish Medley (Pub singer mix) (Wattie Watson and Friends) * I Don't Wanna Talk About It (The Munros Feat. Julienne Taylor).

CD: 4: Ye Banks and Braes (Celtic Spirit) * Flowers Of The Forest (The Munros) * Hasten And Come With Me (The Munros Feat. Dougie Pincock) * The Music of Spey (The Macs) * Amazing Grace (Emma) * Mist Covered Mountains (The Munros feat. David Methven) * The Hill (Julienne Taylor) * Come O'er the Stream Charlie (Celtic Spirit) * Maid Of The Loch (The MacDonald Bros) * Land O' The Leel (Duncan McCrone) * The Rosebud (Celtic Spirit) * Rosslyn Chapel (Solace A Tu) * Annie Laurie (Celtic Spirit) * The Glen Of Tranquillity (Celtic Spirit) * Morning Has Broken (The Munros featuring David Methven) * Calm After The Storm (S Wood) * The Rowan Tree (Celtic Spirit) * Turn Out The Light (Celtic Spirit) * Bonnie Galloway (The Munros feat. David Methven) * Why (Julienne Taylor) * Will Ye No Come Back Again (Celtic Spirit) * I Will Protect You (Julienne Taylor) * The Lea Rig (Duncan McCrone) * Lord Lovat's Lament (The Munros featuring David Methven) * Loch Lomond / Amazing Grace (The Munros feat. Julienne Taylor) * Auld Lang Syne (The Munros featuring David Methven).

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