MK Pro Low D Whistle - Red

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MK Whistles was founded by musician and technician Misha Somerville in 2000.

Launched in 2003, today MK Whistles are well established and acknowledged as a first-class instrument by musicians around the world.

MK Whistles have many special qualities, outstanding tone, playability, and appearance allied to excellent craftsmanship and design using a combination of modern processes and age-old techniques. 

The whistles are aluminum bodied with brass slides and provide all the essential characteristics expected including tone, timbre, back pressure, air requirement, tuning, design, and reliability.
"My inspiration to make whistles has come from the opportunity to try new ideas. As with music itself, musical instruments have always evolved with the times – a sonic and aesthetic representation of the generation. The great instruments of today – from the drum kit to the saxophone – are the product of generations of musicians, listeners, and craftsmen who value invention and innovation over preservation. Much work has gone into making the great instruments we know today – each generation using the knowledge from the past, and technology of the time, to bring new sounds to people's ears. To them we credit past inventions but what will the musical instruments of the future look and sound like? I am positive the evolution will not stop here and excited to think what might come next." Misha Somerville, Glasgow, 2003.

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