Tom Alexander - Penny Arcade And All The Best

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25 Tracks: Penny Arcade * Local Hero (Going Home) * The Dark Island * The Flower Of Edinburgh / Lass O'Patie's Mill / Teetotaller's Reel * The Jacqueline Waltz * Box And Fiddle Rag * Dolanne's Melody * The Bluebell Polka * Dance Of The Comedians * Margaret's Waltz / Leezie Lindsay * Da Tusker / Willafjord / Sandyford Reel * The Oil Rigger * The Flying Scotsman * The Sands Of Kuwait * The Petite Waltz * The Beer Barrel Polka * Morning Has Broken * The Drunken Piper / Margaret's Fancy / Archie Menzies * Highland Cathedral * Veronique * Ashokan Farewell * Nola * Lady Of Spain * Sarah's Song * Auld Lang Syne.

25 favourite tracks from accordion maestro Tom Alexander played with great skill and dexterity.

"Back in the day when I won the Silver Medal at the Accordion Championships held in the Christian Institute Glasgow in 1952, my brother Jack and Calum Kennedy said that I should record a "Best Of" album. I know this has taken me a while. I dedicate this to Jack and Calum." Tom Alexander OBE

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