The Choir of St. Machar's Cathedral - Praise Ye The Lord

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October 2023

20 Track: The Firmament Of His Power * Put Thou Thy Trust In The Lord * The Lord Bless You And Keep You * Alone Thou Goest Forth, O Lord * I Will Praise Thee * Lamentation For Organ Solo * A Plea For Salvation * I Lift Up My Eyes / St Machar Songbook * No 1: Prayer * No. 2: Ecce Sacerdos Magnus * No. 3: Psalm 113 * No 4: Aurora Rutilant * No 5: St Machar's Hymn 1 * No.15: Benedicite * Lord, Be Thy Word * Behold, A Mighty Priest * Christ Be Our Light * Panis Angelicus * The Beatitudes * Praise Ye The Lord.

Praise Ye The Lord presents twenty recent works, mostly written for St Machar's Cathedral, Old Aberdeen and its choir.

This album includes three specially commissioned works to celebrate the Quincentenary of Bishop Dunbar’s Heraldic Ceiling, a magnificent feature of the Cathedral. The works by James MacMillan and Paul Mealor were commissioned in memory of the late Norman Marr, a Friend of the Cathedral.

Includes sleeve notes.

"Week by week the congregation of St Machar's Cathedral are treated to the ethereal sound that is St Machar's Choir, allowing heaven to touch earth for a moment. What a delight that we can now experience that whenever we choose with this recording!" Rev. Sarah Brown, Minister of St Machars' Cathedral.

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