Old Songs and Bothy Ballads - Grand To Be A Working Man

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(September 2009) (61 mins): Alex Clarke: In the Shade of the Lamp * Sara Grey: Prety Saro * Brian Watson: Grand To Be A Working Man * Ellen Mitchell: I Once Loved A Boy * Jimmy Hutchinson: Often Drunk * Shona Donaldson: Low Down in the Broom * Jock Duncan: Pirn-Taid Jockie * Chris Coe: Redesdale / Wise William * Alex Clarke: John Riley's Always Dry * Sara Grey: The Merry Willow Tree * Tom Spiers: Bonnie Wee Lassie * Ellen Mitchell: The Rue And The Thyme * Brian Watson: The Keilder Hunt * Shona Donaldson: The Gypsy Laddies * Rod Stradling: The Banks of Green Willow * Sara Grey: Young Hunting * Jock Duncan: Fair Drumallachie * Jimmy Hutchinson: The Overgate.

More great singing recorded live at the 2008 Traditional Singing Weekend in Fife.

Featuring Alex Clarke, Sara Grey, Brian Watson, Ellen Mitchell, Jimmy Hutchison, Shona Donaldson, Jock Duncan, Chris Coe, Tom Spiers and Rod Stradling.

Everything for folk song enthusiasts, from bawdy songs to big ballads - authentic material and couthy performances.

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