North Sea Gas - The Fire And The Passion Of Scotland

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14 Tracks: Aye No No * Back O' Bennachie * Calling Doon The Line * Set Of Tunes: Frank's Reel / Hull's Reel / The Road To Errogie * Tide Full In * I'm Having A Bit Tonight * Maggie Lauder * Song For The Mira * The Standard On The Braes O' Mar * Windmills * White Cockade * Fear A' Bhata * The Battle 'O Harlaw * It's A Wonderful Thing.

A fine collection of tunes from the popular, highly entertaining Scottish folk band, North Sea Gas.

Three decades on, stronger than ever they are in demand and regularly on tour.

Showcases their musicianship with super vocal harmonies delivered with good humour.

"The Fire And The Passion Of Scotland" ranked first in Celtic Radio USA album of the year 2013.

Includes a full colour 12 page booklet with selected lyrics and notes on the songs.

North Sea Gas are Dave Gilfillan (vocals, guitar, banjo, bodhran , bass drum),Grant Simpson (vocals, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki), Ronnie MacDonald (vocals, guitar, bouzouki)

"Through their work they introduce audiences to the wider world of the folk tradition and its Riches."
John O'Regan Living Tradition.

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