Fife Traditional Singing Weekend - For Friendship And For Harmony

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(November 2006) 17 tracks: Joe Aitken - Hairst o Rettie * Stanley Robertson - When I Wis New But Sweet Sixteen * Elizabeth Stewart - The Butcher Boy * Jock Duncan - Ythanside * Louis Killen - Bold Princess Royal * Chris Miles - I am Wearin Awa John * Stanley Robertson - Up a Wild and Lonely Glen * Norman Kennedy - Binnorie * Joe Aitken - Bogie’s Bonnie Belle * John Malcolm - Ferretin’ * Elizabeth Stewart - The Cruel Mother * Jock Duncan - Guise o Tough * Louis Killen - When Fortune Turns the Wheel * Sheila Stewart - Lakes o Shillin * Joe Aitken - Ellon Feeing Market * Elizabeth Stewart - Yowie wi the Crookit Horn * Norman Kennedy - The Castlegate.

Songs and ballads recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend in May 2005. This was the third year of the event - a gathering of many of Scotlands finest exponents of the art held at the Fife Animal Park in Collessie, Fife.

The album opens with Joe Aitken of Kirriemuir singing the majestic north-east bothy ballad The Hairst o' Rettie. Other songs include Ythanside from Jock Duncan, the ancient murder ballad of the Cruel Mother from Elizabeth Stewart and Stanley Robertson's version of When I Wis New But Sweet Sixteen.

Norman Kennedy, the internationally renowned traditional singer originally from Aberdeen was a special guest at the event from his home in Vermont in the USA, and here he sings the classic Scots ballad of Binnorie and the infamous Aberdeen song The Castlegate.

The Tyneside singer Louis Killen, recently returned to our shores after many years as a professional folk singer in the USA, sings the great nautical ballad Bold Princess Royal.

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