The Nineties Collection - New Scottish Tunes In Traditional Style

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Book Contents:

Airs: Ambleside (Freeland Barbour) * Balmashanner (Billy Jackson) * Circle Of Darkness (Phil Cunningham) * Creag An Righ (Ian Hardie) * Drinan (John Purser) * Ellen Lynn Edward (Bob Edward) * Elricks' Braes (Colin Dempster) * Fornethy House (Peter Clark) * Fuaran (Malcom Jones) * Glen Na Muice (Eric Allan) * Grianachd (Malcom Jones) * Kveldsro (Ronnie Jamieson) * Lament For Hector MacAndres (Donald Goskirk) * Marni Swanson Of The Grey Coast (Andy Thorburn) * Mistress Heywood's Fancy (Dougie Pincock) * Mr. And Mrs. MacLean Of Snaigow (Dougie MacLean) * Mrs Laura Taylor-Thoumire) * The Green Loch (Gary Coupland) * The Grey Heron (Edith Clark) * The Setting Sun (Iain Hardie) * The Valley Of Deeside (Hugh Melvin) * Waltz Air (Eddie McGuire) * Willie Fernie (Alasdair Fraser).

Hornpipes, Polkas and other Tunes:
Hornpipes: Clark's Cases (Gary Peterson) * Da Bouster Boy (Debbie Scott) * Father Tom (Davy Tulloch) * Paul Anderson's Hornpipe (George Carmichael) * St Gilbert's Hornpipe (Eric Allan) * The Marianna (Bill Cook).

Polkas: The Grace Renwick Polka (Iain MacPhail) * The Iris Lawrie Polka (Ian Crichton).

Two-Steps: The Doune Lodge Two Step (Iain Peterson) * The Jimmy Burgess Two Step (Iain MacPhail) * The Lilt O' Stanley (Bert Murray).

Danielle's Dance (Eddie McGuire) * Fish Feis (Wendy Stewart) * Nan Of The Strath (Addie Harper) * Planxty Crockery (Patsy Seddon) * The Gael (Dougie MacLean).

Jigs: Amy's Rollerskates (Mary Macmaster) * Amy's Tune (George Carmichael) * Becky Taylor's Audacity ( Simon Thoumire) * and many more...

CD: 16 Tracks: The Gael / Pamela Rose Rant / Andy Broon's Reel / Jocky's Treble Tops / Debbie Ann's Reel * The Marianna / St Gilbert's / Paul Anderson's * Tianavaig / Betty Jessiman, Huntly / Dr Iain Macaonghais * The Setting Sun * Alasdair Fraser's Compliments To Lorna Mitchell / Eoghainn Iain Alasdair BEM / The Open Fence * The Green Loch / The Quiet Man / The Ness Lassies Reel /The Flawless Juggler * Mrs Meg Jamieson Of Roadside Cottage / Iain MacPhail's Compliments To The Late Chrissie Leatham / Julie And James Rollo's Wedding March * Marni Swanson Of The Grey Coast / Planxty Crockery * Starjump / The Reunion Reel / The Fyrish Reel * Discovery / Dun Ibrig / The Point Road / Streams Of Abernethy / Crabbit Shona * John Kerr's Jacket * The Oarks Of Kenway / Break Yer Bass Drone * Manus Hendrichson / Calum's Waltz / New Year Waltz * Welcome To Hamilton House / Farewell To Decorum / Dance Of The Woodbags * Ambleside * Sarah's Waltz / Tanks For The Memories / College Of Piping Summerside PE1 * The Doune Lodge Two-Step.

The Nineties Collection Book & CD set presents Scottish Tunes in Traditional Style with accompanying CD.

This collection of 200 new Scottish tunes in traditional style resulted from the Traditional Music And Song Association MSA's 1990s.

The competition was designed to capture the spirit of enthusiasm for Scottish traditional music.

Includes Airs, jigs, marches, pipe tunes, reels, strathspeys, waltzes, hornpipes, polkas and other tunes for fiddlers, pipers, accordionists and harpists.

The collection was edited by Ian Hardie and published by Saltire Music (Hardie Press)..

Now accompanied by the CD "The Nineties Collection" from Greentrax Recordings with 46 of the compositions played by contemporary instrumentalists: Eilidh Shaw (fiddle), Kathryn Nicoll (fiddle) Jack Evans (guitar), Ian Hardie (double bass, fiddle), Duncan MacGillivray (mouthie, highland pipes), Freeland Barbour (accordion, piano), Allan MacDonald (highland bagpipes) * Aly Bain (fiddle), Phil Cunningham (piano), Simon Thoumire (concertina), Gordon Duncan (highland bagpipes), Hamish Moore (scottish small pipes, Jim Sutherland (bodhran).

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