Scotland In Winter

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(November 2015)

23 Tracks: Braveheart (The Munros) * Dancing In The Snow (The MacDonald Bros) * Dark Island (The Lone Piper) * Wild Mountain Thyme (The Munros) * Highland Cathedral (The Lone Piper) * Loch Lomond (The Munros) * Ye Banks And Braes (Celtic Spirit) * Distant Land (Twin Peaks) * My Home (The Lone Piper) * Sailing (Celtic Choral Collective) * Mist Covered Mountains (The Lone Piper) * Scottish And Proud Of It (The Munros) * The Winter Air (The MacDonald Bros) * Ye Jacobites By Name (The Bonaly Boys) * Charlie Is My Darling (The Munros) * Hector The Hero (The Munros) * Caledonia (Celtic Spirit) * Come O'er The Stream Charlie (Celtic Spirit) * The Rabbie Burns Trilogy (Celtic Spirit) * Glen Of Tranquility (Celtic Spirit) * Maid Of The Loch (Celtic Spirit) * Scots Wha Hae (Pentlands Folk) * Scottish Soldier (The Munros).

A value-packed CD 23 track collection of popular Scottish songs, the seasonal sound of Scotland.

Mixed and mastered by Stuart Wood and Gordon Campbell at the Music Kitchen, Edinburgh.

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