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(July 2020)

A first collection of original compositions based around the traditional music of Scotland from Caithness fiddler, composer and highland dancer Karen Steven.

Purchase of the book provides you with a link to MP3 files, on a soundcloud page specifically for the book. Each tune is performed by Karen, once through, on fiddle.

35 Years Strong
A.I. Willie Mackay
Arrival Of A Precious Wee Gem
Ashleigh's Jig
Ashley Elisabeth Swanson Of Halkirk
Blas UL
Chloe Mackay Of Halkirk
Coffee Mate John
Dannsa Hornpipe
Dis-Dancing Highland Choreography Reel
Ebenezer Place
Eilean Nan Ron
Eilidh Ava Budge Of Halkirk
Half Century Jig
Incitement For A Dormant Elkavox
Inver Ceilidh
Je Bouge Mon Lit Piur Vous
Loud-Trousered Multi-Instrumentalist
Match For The Grey Common Seal Haul-Out
Matty's Appeal Reel
Matty's Appeal Strathspey
McConnell's March
Millbank Road
Miss Elizabeth Christine Dickson's March
Mr & Mrs Allan Of Drumossie
Skye McLeod Of Thurso
The 4-Legged Volunteers
The Breck
The Brig O' Trams Reel
The Butterfly, The Beastie And The Bog
The Christening
The Cracker
The Den
The Expert Carpenter
The Hills Of Reay
The Merry Men O' Mey
The Organis Veg Producer
The Pigini Playing V.P.
The Pillow Is Popular With The Puffin
The Plant Scientist
The Siblings
The Sola Sisters
The Stroma Swelkie
The Wild Spell
The Winner
Trip To Lysefjord
Tune For A Friend
Tuner For A Teacher
Valley Of The Moon March
West End Fiddler
Where Wildfire Flock To Rest & Refuel

"It was at the end of May, while furloughed, that I decided to publish a book, which includes the tunes recently composed, along with a further 28, written over the last 20 years" Karen Steven.

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