John Barnes - That Strain Again!

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This book contains one hundred melodies for Scottish Dancing (and non-Scottish Dancing) crafted by John Barnes.


Reels: Alle Gute, Liebe Leonie! * Arthur's Doch An Dorris * Ashley Road * Barbara Sutherland's Reel * The Bells Of Saint Andrew's, Amalfi * Berchtoldstag * The Brownsword Hall * Cluny Gardens * The Corpulent Strump * Daniela's Fifth Lustrum * Devil Among The Sailors * Gloria Southern Cross * Guy Barnes At Hadrian's Wall * Happy Joseph * Helen's Eight Lustra * Homage To Carl Czerny * John Gestra Of Newport * Lauriston Castle * Miss Amy Hough * Miss Holly Hough * One-Nil In Paris * Ophelia's Visit * Renown Limousine * Roderick Random's Reel * Roger's Three XX Years And X * Rule Of Thirds * Saint Edmund, King Of East Anglia * Thrayle Cottage * The Town That Charles Built * Traquair Fair * Trip To Upwey * The Viscount Of Stormont.

Alice And Malcolm's Golden Wedding * Beth Dallas * Boat Of Garten * Celebration Of The Life Of The Reverend Tom Dundas * The Chaplain Of The Royal Company Of Archers * The Cork Scottish Country Dance Society * Dunfermline Centeral Library * Forty Years Together * Game-bird Of Renown * The Guardian Of Early Printed Books * Hilary Birch * Homage To Dr Spedding * In Memeory Of Alan French * Isabel Vine * John And Lily's Wedding * Mannofield Park * Merlin Of Cadzow * The Mohair Robe * Mr Frank Roberts Bonar * Mrs Hosie * Mrs Jill Bonar * My Lord And Lady Barnes Their Squeeze * Rachel Dallas * Rathmines Glass * Remembering Doreen Barnes * Remembering Forbes Campbell * The Skyline Strathspey * A Strathspey For Hazel * A Strathspey For Helen * The Tears Of Scotland * Tomintoul * William Dallas.

Alan's Farewell To The Sixties * Anna Dallas * Archie Baird (1919-2009) * Bahnhof Chimes * Beef Or Salmon * The Blair Hip Project * The Brae-roaming Bass-player * Cheers Ingrid! * Chiara Bianca * Compliments To Mr George Swirles * Crown Street * Day Trip To Mertin * Dear Eilis * Dmitry's Jig * The Earl Of Mercia * Florrie's Fancy * Gartered And Shoed In E Minor * His Royal Highness Prince Henry Of Wales * Judy's Special * The Knot Andrew And Lynda Tied * The Laird O' Marley View * Llanallgo * Nottingham Cottage * Pam And Forbes Campbell * Pat And Sheonagh's Big Day * Peregrine Pickle * Petronella's Visit To Dublin * Rachel Elizabeth Zane I Saint John's Toun * The Smallest Interval * Sneck-lifter * The Vegetarian Option.

The Golden Couple Of Lindal * Liam And Hazel Convery * Lorem Ipsum * Matrimonial Waltz * Windchimer Waltz.

Published by Casella Press, Dublin.

"Judy and I met in the 1970s as members of the Green Ginger Band in Hull, and from soon after that meeting we have done virtually everything together. We lived in Aberdeen from 1979 to 1986 but with a growing family played little dance music during that time, our main occasional patrons being the Banchory Morris Men. In the early 1990s, however, a chance encounter with the Dublin Scottish Country Dance Club (hereafter the DSCDC) induced us to pickup our instruments again, and we have been the Club's musicians ever since, playing for weekly classes, displays, annual balls, ceilidhs, weddings and so on." John Barnes.

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