J Scott Skinner - The Scottish Violinist

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Tunes: Alice's Dollie * Angus McRae * Angus Campbell * Arbeadie * Back To The Hills * Ballochmylle Brig * Balmoral Castle * Bank's Hornpipe * Blin' Jamie * Bob Steele * Bonnie Banchory * Bogniebrae * Bovaglie's Plaid * Buckingham House * Clach Na Cuddin * Cortes Gardens * Corgarff Castle * Culloden Day * Currie's Rambles * Dargai * Davie Work * Davie Adams * Davie Taylor * Dean Brig O' Edinburgh * Delnabo * Dr Gordon Stables Reel * Dr Baird's Strathspey * Drumin * Dumbarton Castle * Emslie's Fiddle * Farewell To Huntly * Forbes Morrison * Frank Gilruth * Fyvie Castle * Gallaton * Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell The Minister * Glencoe * Hamilton's Strathspey * Happy Tom * Hap And Row The Feeties O't * Harvest Home Hornpipe * Hasberry Howard * Hector The Hero * James Shearer's Reel * James D * Law's Reel * Jamie Hardie * John McColl's * J.O. Forbes * King Robert the Bruce * Lady Catherine Stewart * Le Messe * Les Trois Grands Luthairs * Littlejohn's Hame * Lord Huntly's Cave * McCallan * MacCrimmon's Farewell * MacPherson's Lament * MacPherson's Blade * Madge * Madame Sylvain * Madame Vanoni * Mains Of Gartly * Marquis Of Tullybardine * Mary Walker * Mar Castle * Milladen * Miss Primrose * Miss Shepherd * Miss Paul * Mrs Scott Skinner * Oor Highland Queen * Orange And Blue * Ossian * Peter Baillie * Peter Gray * Peter Laing * Pittengardner's Rant * Professor Blackie * Reel O' Thuilleachan * Sandy Grant * Sandie Oe'r The Sea * Sandlaw's Welcome * Sarona * Scott Skinner's Reel * Scott Skinner's Rockin' Step * Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr MacDonald * She's Bonnie And Braw * Sir William Wallace * So I'm Off In The Good St Nicholas Boat * Sword Dance * Talisker * The Auld Wheel * The Athole Highlander's March * The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord * The Baker Reel * The Bride's Reel * The Brig O' Potarch * The Buck O' The Cabrach * The Barren Rocks Of Aden * The Blooms O' Bon Accord * The Balmoral Highlanders * The Braes Of Auchtertyre * The Cameron Highlanders * The Cradle Song * The College Hornpipe * The Devil And The Dirk * The Devil In The Kitchen * The Dei'l Amang The Tailors * The Dove Cot * The Duchess Tree * The Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Dee-side * The East Neuk Of Fife * The Editor's Farewell * The Field Of Bannockburn * The Flower Of The Quern * The Forth Brig * The Glenlivet * The Hurricane * The Highlands Of Banffshire * The High Level * The Haunt Of The Gnomes * The Left Handed Fiddler * The Laird Of Drumblair * The Miller's Rant * The Miller O' Hirn * The Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell * The Music O' Spey * The Mathematician * The Nine Pint Coggie * The President * The Perthshire Hunt * The Queen's Welcome To Invercauld * The Reel O' Tulloch * The Rolling Spey * The Spinning Wheel * The Smith's A Gallant Fireman * The Sirdar's March * The Valley Of Silence * The Warrior Of Persie * The Warrior's Grave * The £10 Fiddle * Tulchan Lodge * Tullochgorum * Twist Ye Twine Ye Even So * Ward's Hornpipe * Will's Reel * Willie MacLennan.

James Scott Skinner wrote some 600 tunes - this book contains many of the tunes he composed still popular in the Scottish repertoire.

One of the best known and all time greats of Scottish fiddle music, as both performer and composer, Scott Skinner (1843-1927) wrote many books of fiddle music.

This collection features a fine selection of dance tunes, hornpipes, jigs, marches, strathspeys and reels - an excellent resource!

J Scott Skinner was born in the parish of Banchory, Aberdeenshire in 1843. He came from a musical family (his father William Skinner was a dance teacher).

In 1861 James returned to Aberdeen from his musical training in Manchester and became a champion dancer and fiddle accompanist to other champion dancers. By the 1870s he was touring widely in the USA and Canada and playing his own compositions to great acclaim.

He was one of the very first Scottish artists to be recorded (in Glasgow in 1899) and by 1905 he had embarked on a recording career. During this time he continued to perform at concerts throughout Scotland and became a household name, often walking from place to place to play his fiddle.

A4 format, 50 pages.

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