Caroline Baroness Nairne -The Lays Of Strathearn

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(November 2019)

Latest edition of 'The Lays Of Strathearn' containing all songs attributed to Lady Nairne and edited by Freeland Barbour.

This collection of songs by Caroline Baroness Nairne was arranged with symphonies and accompaniments for piano forte by the late Finlay Dun.

Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne, a contemporary of Robert Burns, wrote over ninety songs, some of which enjoyed great popularity during her lifetime and still do up to the present day. They are some of Scotland's most famous traditional songs, including The Land O' The Leal, Will Ye no Come back again, ‘he Auld Hoose, The Rowan Tree, The Laird O' Cockpen', 'Wi' A Hundred Pipers', and Caller Herrin. Like much of the poetry of Burns her songs combine the values and traditions of folk music and song with influences from the art music and literature of her day.

Despite their popularity, she shunned publicity and never acknowledged her authorship in her lifetime, even concealing it from her husband.

After her death, the publication in 1846 of her collected songs as Lays of Strathearn revealed her secret.

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