The Countess Of Fife - Star Of The Sea

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December 2022

9 Tracks: Wandering Star * Empty Headed * Trapped * Sixteen * Goodbye Motorbike Guy * Let This Night Be Over * Humans Are A Bad Breed * Second Fiddle * Don't Dress Me Up.

The Countess of Fife's debut studio album Star of the Sea features the legendary Rezillos/Revillos frontwoman Faye Fife along with guitarist Allan Mcdowall together with some of the finest Scottish musicians around.

The songs are mostly written by Fay, and in collaboration with Allan Mcdowall, with Humans Are A Bad Breed written by Fife and Allan along with guest writer Martin Metcalfe of Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie.

Fay and award-winning producer (and composer/musician) Jim Sutherland co-produced Star Of The Sea.

Countess Musicians: Fay Fife (vox, keys), Allan Mcdowall (guitar, BVs), Chris Agnew (double bass), Willy Molleson (drums), Kirsten Adamson (BVs), with Malcolm Ross (acoustic guitar, lap steel) - 1, 5, 7, Chris Stout (fiddle, viola) - 1, 6, Dave Milligan (piano) - 3, 5, Jim Sutherland (percussion), Dave Coyle (elec guitar) - 5.

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