North Sea Gas - A Long Road

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CD 1: 19 Tracks: High Germany * Farewell Tae Tarwathie * News From Moidart * Dainty Davie * Ringsend Rose * Rambling Rover * Carrickfergus * Yesterday's Men * Blossom Set * Rattlin Roarin Willie * Mary Ann * Twa Recruitin Sergeants * Raglan Road * The Mingulay Boat Song * Set Of Tunes (Reels) * The Loch Tay Boat Song * Cairn O' Mount * Caledonia * Freedom Come All Ye.

CD 2: 17 Tracks: New York Girls & Snurren Polka * I'm A Freeborn Man Of The Travelling People * The Haughs Of Cromdale * Callin Doon The Line * I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore * Maggie Gangs Away * Tide Full In * Rosslyn * Set Of Tunes * Fear A' Bhata * I'm Looking For A Job * Nancy Whisky And The Kesh Jig * Tae The Beggin' * Set Of Tunes * It's Braw Sailing On The Sea * Rolling Home * Sae Will We Yet.

CD 3: 18 Tracks: A Little Bit More * Sonny's Dream * Barnyards O Delgaty * Kishorn Commandos * Yellow On The Broom * Fire In The Glen * Edinburgh Toon * Mormond Braes * Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie * Sleepytoon * Johnnie Cope * Take Out Drinking Tonight * Montrose/ Montrose Jig * Queen Of All Argyll * Set Of Tunes * Over The Hills And Far Away * Parcel O' Rogues * A Long Road.

A 3 CD set celebrating 40 years on the road from one of Scotlands best-loved folk groups North Sea Gas.

The triple compilation includes songs from over the years and features new material.

"We've always aimed to provide great entertainment drawing on Scotland's folk tradition. It's my feeling that audiences will be more than ready for that. We're raring to go. That's the first forty years behind us and there's plenty more to come." Band founder and original member, Dave Gilfillan.

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