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(July 2016)

12 Tracks: The Midnight Sun * Muriwai * Outlaws And Dreamers * Farsund * Mo Thruaighe Leir thu 'Ille Bhuidhe * The Ramparts * The White Sands Of Jervis Bay * Les Pieds Joyeux * The Striking Clock * Coisich A’ Rùin * Ribbon of Fire * The Last March.

An inspiring fifth studio album from the superb Scottish Folk Band Breabach.

Over the last five years Breabach have toured the globe, each journey shaping their music and strengthening their identity.

Meeting and make many friends as they tour, performing at iconic venues and festivals have made their journey special.

This album, Astar (tr. journey/distance) is a multicultural celebration, embracing the music of four nations in partnership with our own.

Friends from Norway, Quebec, Australia and New Zealand have taken part in this exciting collaboration. Skillfully produced by Greg Lawson.

Six panel CD digipack with artwork from James Morrison.

Breabach: Megan Henderson (fiddle, step-dance, lead vocals (Tracks 5, 7, 10), James Lindsay (double bass, percussion, backing vocals), James Duncan Mackenzie (highland bagpipes, flute, whistles, backing vocals), Calum MacCrimmon (highland bagpipes, whistles, bouzouki, lead vocals (Track 11), Ewan Robertson (guitar, cajon, lead vocals (Tracks 3, 11).

Special Guests: Greg Lawson (violin (Tracks 1, 7, 11, 12), Olav Luksengård Mjelva (hardanger fiddle (Tacks 3, 4, 7, 12), Olivier Demers (fiddle, foot tapping, vocals (Tracks 8, 12), Nicola Boulerice, Simon Beaudry, Réjean Brunet (vocals (Track 8), Mark Atkins (yidaki (Tracks 7, 9, 12), Yirrmal Marika (vocals (Track 7),Scott Morrison (vocals (Track 2).

"Astar is an album that truly reflects the journey that Breabach have been making over the last few years. They continue to show mastery of so many elements of their 'home' music, from the pipe reels and marches that have long been their signature style to the Gaelic songs that Megan Henderson brought to the band. Now, they are confidently incorporating the 'foreign' influences brought home from their travels and one can only guess where their musical journey will take them next. One thing’s for sure, I'll willingly be going along for the ride. Give Astar a listen and, chances are, you’ll be coming along too." Johnny Whalley (fruk, Folk & Roots Music).

"Astar is Scottish for "journey" and this classy travelogue is remarkable for its variety of collaborations" The Guardian.

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