Assynt - Where From Here

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10 Tracks: Assynt House * Gordon Stewart's * St Andrews Drive * Nighean Donn * The Source * The New Normal * Faskally * Rescues * Where From Here * Alive In Astley.

A dynamic second studio album from the award-winning folk trio Assynt.

This album is mostly self-penned and inspired by the Highlands of Scotland.

Assynt skilfully produces an innovative approach to well-known old Scottish melodies.

David Sheddon (pipes, whistle), Graham Mackenzie (fiddle), Innes White (acoustic guitar, electric guitar).

Guest musician Charlie Stewart (double bass).

"We have been gathering self-penned tunes and developing our own unique sound over the past few years and now feels like the perfect time to release new music. This album really showcases how much we have grown as a band since we started out five years ago, while still remaining close to our Scottish roots that continue to inspire us." Graham Mackenzie, Assynt.

"And it isn't a question, either. Sterling second from the virtuoso stalwarts, individually and collectively award winners in their fields." Seuras Og, At The Barrier.

"The closing track, another three-tune set, Alive in Astley, sees all three band members with writing credits. The final part was written by Graham but closes with an extended section of chanter work from David, guaranteed to lift the spirits. It's a great takeaway from an album that’s packed full of stellar performances and thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. While the album's title may not end with a question mark, Where From Here may perhaps suggest uncertainty about the future, to which I can only respond, just keep going guys; you're very much on the right track." Johnny Whalley, Folk Radio.

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