Gordon Duncan's Tunes Book 2

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Contents: The Day the Co-op Flooded (March) * Wha' Saw The 42nd (Polka) * Mo Ghile Mear (Polka) * The Haughs O' Cromdale (Polka) * Fest An Hoc'h (March) * Nameless Polka (Polka) * A' Bhriogais Uallach (The Pompous Trousers) March * The Barium Meal (Jig) * The Broken Bow (Jig) * Nameless Jig (Jig) * The Edradour Stagger (Jig) * The Mexican Hat Dance (Jig) * The Humours Of Ballyloughlin (Jig) * Old As The Hills (Jig) * The Sound Crew (Jig) * Sweet Rain (Jig) * Atlantic Bridge (Jig) * Tatter Jack Walsh (Jig) * The Reverend Brother's Jig (Jig) * Trandeiras (Jig) * The Lament For The Coming Of The White Settlers (Piobaireachd) * Thunderstruck / Angus Thing (Other) * Marie Madeline (Slow Air) * Full Moon Down Under (Slow Air) * Anada pa Gael (Slow Air) * Charlotte (Slow Air) * Lorient Mornings (Slow Air) * Spanish Thing (Slow Air) * Mairi Bheag From Uist (Whistle - Slow Air) * Muineira De Poio (Dance) * Suite de Gavottes Pourlet (Dance) * Smeseno Horo Dance * Pipe Major Graeme Hood (Reel) * The Crowdfunder (Reel) * Niamh's Capers (Reel) * The Road To The Aisle (Reel) * Craig's Pipes (Reel) * The Harris Dance (Reel) * Richard Dwyer's (Reel) * The Jolly Tinker (Reel) * The Wild Irishman (Reel) * The High Level (Reel) * Trip To Sligo (Reel) * Mrs Crechan's (Reel) * Madame Bonaparte (Reel) * Lord MacDonald's (Reel0 * Solid Ground Reel (Reel) * McFadden's (Reel) * McPherson's (Reel) * Miss Monaghan's (Reel) * The Ash Plant (Reel) * Irish Reel (Reel) * The Contradiction (Reel) * The Ballintore Fancy (Reel).

This book of tunes brings the last of Gordon's compositions together and some of his more iconic arrangements.

Includes, the infamous arrangement of AC/DCs "Thunderstruck" (in full), along with other traditional tunes Gordon made his own.

The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust was set up in 2007 to promote and support traditional music.

Book One of Gordons compositions was released in 2007 and have sold more than 5000 copies since launch.

The Trust decided a second collection of Gordon's missings tunes and arrangements of traditional compositions had to follow.

"Gordon Duncan composed book lines worthy of the best songwriters in history, improvised as well as any jazz musician, played piobaireachd like a classical soloist- and grounded all his work firmly on a centuries old canon of traditional music he loved. We will benefit from that work for years to come" Tony McManus, virtuoso Celtic guitarist.

"We hope you'll enjoy this collection of tunes and continue to celebrate Gordon's music for many years to come." Ian Duncan (Chairman, The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust).

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