The Susie Simpson Trio - Our Favourite Old Time Dances

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17 Tracks: Gay Gordons * Canadian Barn Dance * St Bernard Waltz * Eva Three Step * Boston Two-Step * Pride Of Erin Waltz * Postie's Jig * Mississippi Dip * Britannia Twostep * Modern Waltz * Jazz Twinkle * Edinburgh Mixture * Quickstep * Flirtation Twostep * Old Time Waltz * Joe McDiarmid's Jig * Black Mountain Reel.

The first in a series of three CDs from the Susie Simpson Trio.

A selection of their Favourite Old Time Dances features on this release.

Recorded in Inverness 2018/19.

Susie Simpson (lead accordion), Jock Fraser (second accordion), Gillian Stevenson (fiddle).

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