Angus MacKay - Heather Isle

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16 Tracks: Failte Do Dh'Eilean Leodhas * Carlabhagh * Mo Run Geal Dilieas * 3/4 Pipe Marches: Heights Of Cassino / 10th Battalion Of The Highland Light Infantry Crossing The River Rhine * Sine Bhan * Fagail Bharraidh * Smuaintean An Eilthirich * Hi Ho Ro Mo Chailainn Donn * 2/4 Pipe Marches: Connundrum / Balkan Hills* An Gaidheil A Fagail A Dhuthchu * Mi Seo Nam Aonar * An Cluin Thu Mo Nighean Donn * 6/8 Marches: Battle Of The Somme / Heights Of Dargai * An Eala Bhan * Kirivick * Eilean Fraoich.

A selection of Traditional Gaelic songs and pipe marches.

Songs were sung by Angus MacKay and accompanied by accordionist John Carmichael.

Originally released in 2016.

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