Eddie Rose - A Highland Fling (DVD)

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(November 2013)

19 tracks: Crofters Ceilidh * Comedy * Sandy's Holiday * We're Nae Gonna Blaw * Comedy 'Betty The B & B Lady' * Highland Hootenanny * Kirkwall Bay * Comedy * Brig O' Balgownie / Lassie Wi The Yellow Coatie / Lass O' Lowrie * I'm A Happy Highland Doctor * Comedy 'Doctor Act' * Doctor Finlay * Comedy * Here's To The Gordons * Comedy * Far Away A Light is Burning * Monologue 'Macalister Danced Before The Queen' * Marching Through The Heather / Road To The Isles / Heilan Man's Umbrella * One Day At A Day.

Running time: 1hr 15m

Eddie Rose - 'Scotland's Son of Fun' - combines well-kent Scottish songs with good family comedy, with musical accompaniment provided by Brandon McPhee and his band.

This DVD was recorded live at Ackergill Tower, Wick. Great family entertainment.

Singer, comedian and all-round entertainer Eddie Rose performs his Scottish Variety show 'A Scottish Night Out' in Pitlochry during the summer. Eddie writes all his own material.

Eddie Rose (vocals), Brandon McPhee (accordion), Alistair Macdonald (2nd accordion), Manson Grant (piano, bass), Robert Cameron (drums).

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