Ian Bruce - Together Forever

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June 2023 - Double album

1. Cloonaholly (with Aleksander Mežek)
2. Windmills (with Sangsters)
3. Norland Wind (with Real Time)
4. Knight On The Road (with Jez Lowe)
5. Down To Old Maui (with Jim Mageean)
6. The Ballad of Johnny Ramensky (with Fraser Bruce)
7. The Tinkerman's Daughter (with Paul Hutchinson)
8. Sixteen Tons (with Debra Lyn)
9. John Kanaka (with Katharina Bramkamp And Frank Deckert)
10. The Soldier Maid (with Janet Weatherston)
11. The Last Trip Home (with Carole & Alan Prior)
12. Together Forever (with Allan Taylor)
13. Childhood's End (with Carol Jamieson)
14. 1913 Massacre (with Stephen Quigg)
15. Games People Play (with Marilyn Middleton Mellor)
16. Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice (with Watt Nicoll)

CD 2:
1. Waterbound (with Lotus Wight)
2. The Earl O' Moray (with Barbara Dickson)
3. Stay Young (with Mike Silver)
4. Jimmy's Gone Tae Flanders (with Jim Malcolm)
5. Whaur Dae Ye Gang Tae Oor Darlin' (with Gerry Ventilla)
6. And The Angels Sang Along (with Grant Maloy Smith)
7. Morningtown Ride (with Ragged Glory)
8. The Last Thing On My Mind (with Kev Green)
9. Gently Does It (with Bob Fox)
10. I Can't Help But Wonder (with Alastair McDonald)
11. The Spinner's Wedding (with Sheena Wellington)
12. Billy Taylor (with Artie Trezise)
13. Unicorns (with Moe And Ian Walker)
14. The Old Man's Song (with Arthur Johnstone)
15. The Last Train (just me)
16. Raglan Road (with Noel Rocks)
17. And We Sing (with Flekkefjord Sangforening)

A crowd-funded double album with singer/songwriter Ian Bruce at the helm.

Ian duets with well-kent and special guest artists from the Scottish folk scene.

Over the years Ian worked with so many and this album is a fabulous collection for all folk music fans to enjoy.

Includes- The Sangsters, Jez Lowe, Allan Taylor, Barbara Dickson, Jim Malcolm, Bob Fox, Alastair Macdonald, Sheena Wellington, Artie Trezise, and many others. 



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