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(June 2005) 13 tracks: Chasing The Sun * When Will We All Be Free * The World Looks Away * This Time Will Pass * The Bown and The Yellow Ale * Lady Mary Anne * Mother Earth's Revenge * Freedom Song * The Yellow Furze * The Keg of Brandy * Waiting For The Snow * Bright Winter's Day * Jimmy Whelan.

This CD represents a new departure for Karan Casey, featuring a significant number of self-penned songs. Largely recorded at her home in Co Cork, Chasing The Sun uncovers Karan's fine talent for songwriting and her sensitive approach to age-old themes such as love and oppression.

Although self-written songs make up about half the album, alongside a trio of great songs by Barry Kerr (a young musician from Co Armagh) and one by Robbie O'Connell, Karan hasn't abandoned her first love of traditional singing. Her unique interpretations make you listen with new ears to the older songs.

Karan is joined on the album by her long standing band featuring Niall Vallely (with whom she co-produced the album), Robbie Overson, Paul Meehan and Ewen Vernal.

Karan's previous albums have garnered numerous awards as well as widespread critical acclaim. It represents a new level of maturity for Karan and is presented with an immediacy and vibrancy that will delight her fans as well as attracting a whole new audience.

"People have been asking me for the last few years for an album that reflects the gigs, so here it is. This has just the lads and myself on it with no frills other than a few harmonies and a bit of percussion." (Karan Casey)

"Like the greatest torch singers, such as Billie Holiday, she makes us believe she is sharing confidences, singing just to us." (Boston Globe)

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