The Hebrideans Band And Singers - Hebridean Variety

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(April 2012) 14 tracks: Rankine's Reel: Caberfeidh / Columba's Sword / Donald Ian Rankine * Triath Dhubhairt * Piper's Voluntary * Eilean I * Waltz Glencoe: Muinntir A Ghlinne Seo / Gleann Bhaile Chaoil * The Gay Gordons: Rathad Mor / Morag / Bratach Bana * Moladh Albainn * McIntyre Of Tobermory: Harvest Home / Boys Of Bluehill / Angus McIntyre Of Tobermory * Argyll Memories: An Cluinn Thu Leannain / Theid Mi Gad Amharc * Jimmy Shand Two-Step: Laird Of Auchtermuchtie / Shufflin' Samuel * Gaelic Waltz: Fagail Steornabhaigh / Te Bhan / An Eala Bhan * Hebridean Jigs: Mo Bhalachan Ban / Failte Do'n Eilean Iarmain / Iain Bhain * Mo Mhathair * Bobby MacLeod Barn Dance: I See Mull / Mishnish Barn Dance.

A fine selection of music and song led by George Smith, taken from Thistle recordings of the 1970s and digitally enhanced for CD.

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