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June 2023

11 Tracks: Ait' Anns A' Choisir * Balachan Beag A' Chuailein Bhain * An Turas * Cha Dachaigh Dhomh An Saoghal * Mo Nighean Donn's Toigh Leam Thu *Poaching Days * Nuair A Bhristeas An La * Gur Trom A Tha Mi * A' Fagail Hiort * Chan Eil Bhuam Thu Ach An Caol * Chunnaig Mi Solas.

The latest album release from singer-songwriter Iain MacIver.

'An Turas' celebrates Iain's journey from his first gig in 1973 at the age of 15, 50 years in the music business.

Over the years Ian has played in various bands, The Hebridean Dance Band, Flair, Kontrast, Crazy Lemon, New Tradition and RiffRaff.

Mairi MacIver (backing vocals), Neil Johnstone (cello, track 9), Dougie Stevenson (dobro, pedal steel, tracks 3 & 8), Alan Henderson (fiddle, strings and string arrangements).



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