Gillebride MacMillan - Sèimh : The State Of Calm

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February 2023

10 Tracks: Tog Suas * Meadhan-oidhche * Chi mi thu (Oran Eilidh) * Cum a' dol * Ghlan mi sibh * Thainig i ann * An Tobar * Bliadhn' Ur Mhath * Chaill i a facian * Thig an t-am.

A second self-penned album from Gaelic singer Gillebrìde MacMillan who hails from South Uist.

Sèimh is an exquisitely crafted album with powerful songwriting and skilled arrangements.

10 original songs by Gillebrìde and features guest singers and stalwarts of the Scottish music scene Karen Matheson and Margaret Stewart.

The album was produced by Mhairi Hall

Gillebride MacMillan, Mhairi Hall (piano, harmonium, electric piano), Ewan MacPherson (acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin), Deirdre Morrison (fiddle), Fraser Fifield (whistles, soprano saxophone), Emma Smith (double bass), Karen Matheson (track 2,3,7), Margaret Stewart (track 7 and 9), Mairi MacMillan (track 1,4,70, Nerea Bello (track 6). Fraser Stone (percussion track 1)

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