Rebecca Hill And Charlie Stewart - Thawcrook

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May 2023

9 Tracks: On The Mountain * Angus Grant's * Mi Le M'Uilinn * Out On The Roof * Let That Stand There * Cailleach a' Ghobhainn * Iorram Iomraimh * Higher Ground * Aonghais Oig (featuring Mischa MacPherson).

'Thawcrook' is the eagerly anticipated debut album by Harp and Fiddle Duo Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart.

The album title takes its name from a tool used by crofting communities in the 19th century to make rope and twine from local natural materials, such as marram grass, heather or reeds.

This exciting collaboration weaves traditional tunes and contemporary arrangements. Gaelic singer Mischa Macpherson features on the one song 'Aonghais Oig' within the album.

Harp - Rebecca Hill (harp), Charlie Stewart (fiddle), Mischa MacPherson (vocals)

"We love the diverse range of traditional material on this album and hope that its release will help the tunes reach more people. When people listen to the melodies, I really hope they can relate to the emotions behind them, and find a sense of familiarity within the new material." Rebecca Hill.

"This is our first album as a duo and, compared to other albums we’ve worked on individually, this recording integrates elements of improvisation and interaction between us both as musicians. It’s a body of work that builds on existing material, merging the traditional with the contemporary to create something that is reflective of both our musical pasts whilst also setting out a creative path for the future." Charlie Stewart.

"Much like the thawcrook, Rebecca and Charlie's album weaves the traditions and music from their own local communities with contemporary material from across Scotland to create a sound which is creative, cohesive and entirely original." Stevie Connor Robertson, The Sound Cafe.


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