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May 2023

11 Tracks: Lochinver No More / Suilven / Achmelvich Beach * Chagair, Chagair, Chagair a' Ghruagach * McLeod's Sextant  * The Sunday Gathering * Sandy Cameron / My Brother's Letter * From Capes Breton To Good Hope * The Gazelle * Canvas Town * Litir bho Iain MacGillìosa á New Zealand * Aotearoa / Reel Of The Flying Fish * Norman McLeod's Welcome To Waipu / Celtic Waiata / Annie Aitken / Willie McBride / Kiwi Reel. 

Iain Fraser's latest release, Kōterana, retells the remarkable story of 800 Scottish Highlanders who followed Reverend Norman McLeod on a journey which lasted almost 40 years and spanned the globe, with Assynt-born McLeod setting off for Nova Scotia from Ullapool in 1817, before sailing to Adelaide in 1850 and finally settling in the village of Waipu, New Zealand in 1854.

Iain was inspired by the incredible landscapes Reverend McLeod and his followers would have left behind, the places they travelled through and the objects they chose to take with them. He creates a musical thread which joins the four countries in one remarkable story while incorporating elements of traditional material from the musical traditions of each.

Includes sleeve notes.

Kōterana features the following musicians:
Fiddles: Emilia Bartellas, Gillian Boucher, Pete Clark, Doug Dorward, Iain Fraser, Gordon Gunn, Sarah Wilson.
Violas: Anne-Marie Forsyth, Bernadette Kellerman.
Cellos: Seylan Baxter, Wendy Weatherby.
Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion), Donald Knox (guitar), Lorne MacDougall (pipes), Calum Alex Macmillan (Gaelic Song), Freya Rae (flute & whistles), James Ross (piano), Scot Wilson (bass).

"The 150th Anniversary of the death of McLeod was reached in 2016 and I started work on a new piece of music inspired by the story and the sense of place evoked by each of the main communities and countries he and his congregation lived in. Working with the Auckland Scottish Fiddle Club we performed this new piece, named Kōterana, in Waipu in December 2016 and 2018 it was also performed at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Aberdeen, in partnership with the Scottish Culture and Traditions organisation. Fast forward to now, and thanks to some very welcome financial support from Creative Scotland, I've been able to extend the original piece and record it with an amazing group of musicians based here in Scotland as well as in Canada and New Zealand." Iain Fraser.

"Engagingly melodic suite." Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman.



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