Pauline Vallance - The World's A Gift

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October 2022

11 Tracks: The World's A Gift * The Weaver's Song * Merino Mill Girl * Bonnie Fechter * We Go High * Millie's Waltz * Tui Bird * Becoming Genius * I Sing Because * Headin' Down The Road * Footprints In The Snow.

'The World's A Gift' is the latest album released by Pauline Vallance, singer/songwriter and Clarsach player from Ayrshire

"This album explores the issue of 'legacy'. The idea came after losing my parents within a year of each other and going through all the material 'stuff' left behind. I quickly came to the realisation that the important legacy people leave is that of ideas, of principles, of arts and culture and not of material possessions. It also made me consider what we will pass on to the next generation - a scary thought in these current times, but we have to do what we can. There are many beautiful things in this world - I hope we can preserve the best of them." Pauline Vallance.

Pauline Vallance (vocals, clarsach, flute), James Grant (guitar, harmony vocals), Maya Burman-Roy (cello), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion), Ursula Grant ( harmony vocals), Niamh McElhill (harmony vocals (track 9).



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