Coreen Scott - A Scottish Journey

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(May 2010) 13 tracks (44 mins): Bonnie Moorhen * Wild Mountainside * Loch Lomond * Ca The Ewes * Killiecrankie * Now Westlin Winds * Lady Gardiner's Lament * Scarlet Tide * Wild Mountain Thyme * The Lea Rig * The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face * Follow The Heron * Skye Boat Song.

Coreen Scott has a repertoire that covers traditional Scottish ballads, classical arias and modern contemporary music.

With a voice that possesses a haunting quality, Coreen has delighted and moved the hearts and souls of many listeners.

With a wealth of experience, Coreen has performed in many wonderful venues including the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Roslin Chapel, and at many churches, country houses, weddings and civil ceremonies.

She also has a live television appearance under her belt, having sung Flower Of Scotland on BBC Grandstand.

With Aislinn Faulkner (clarsach), Alasdair Morrison (guitar, bodhran, vocals), Bill Crook (mouth organ, whistle, vocals), Gavin Pagan (viola, mandolin), Peter Fielding (cello), Cathy Wood (guitar, vocals), Johnny Gibbs (guitar), Jenny Swan and Caroline Wright (vocals).

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