Jim Malcolm's Bard Hair Day - Robert Burns Returns

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(February 2010) 10 tracks (106 mins): Rantin' Rovin' Robin * My Luve's Like A Red, Red Rose * Wullie Brew'd A Peck O Maut * A Man's A Man For A' That * Ae Fond Kiss * The Deil's Awa Wi' The Exciseman * The Shepherd's Wife * Wstlin' Winds * Auld Lang Syne * Tam O' Shanter.

Jim Malcolm's Bard Hair Day - see the wig and you'll understand the name - music and comedy that brings Rabbie back to life in a new way, and will give Burns fans a laugh the world over.

Glorious Burns songs and more laughs than you can shake a stick at, as Rabbie swipes back at his critics, winks at the lassies, sings for his haggis supper, dances with his wee man and enjoys a dram or three with his auld acquaintances Wullie and Alan.

Jim Malcolm's first DVD is a lot of fun - in honour of Robert Burns' 250th birthday in 2009, Jim dressed up as the Bard for all of his concerts last year and played the second half as a tribute to Rabbie. Friends, fans and family gathered in Perth and filmed the return of Robert Burns.

Including Jim's musical version of Tam O'Shanter, and a 16-minute film of Rabbie's Big Day Out, when the Bard came back to Edinburgh and on to Alloway.

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