Scottish Country Roads

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(March 2002) 16 tracks: ANNIE LAURIE Bill Torrance * THE ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL duet * SUMMER ROAD The Tartan Lads * FIDDLE SET MacKilmoyles Reel, Turkey in the Straw, Milton's Breakdown, The Blue Mountain Reel (Marie Fielding) * SONNY'S DREAM The Clydesiders * CANADIAN BARN DANCE MEDLEY P/M Wm Gray's Farewell, Tam Bains Lum (The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra) * SAN ANTONIO ROSE The Tartan Lads * THE SATURDAY WALTZ Addie Harper and The Wick Scottish Band * YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND The Tartan Lads * NOTHING TO SHOW Kingdom Folk Band * THE DARK ISLAND Mary Cameron and Bill Torrance (harmonica) * OTTAWA VALLEY REEL MEDLEY Boil The Cabbage Down, Gary Murphy's Jig, Bowing the Strings (The SFO Folk Symphony) * STAY YOUNG The Clydesiders * 6/8 MARCHES Lady Dorothea Stewart, Murray, Major John MacLennan (Sir Jimmy Shand and his Band) * RAMBLIN' GUY Kingdom Folk Band * SCOTLAND THE BRAVE The Saints (The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra).

Traditional Scottish music and the American Country style are inextricably linked as the pioneering families from Scotland spread their culture far and wide in the New World.

Scottish musicians move effortlessly between both styles as can be heard on this CD in music that seems to reflect the amazing landscape from whence it came.

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