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(May 2003) 12 tracks: Sheath And Knife * My Favourite Place * The Banks of the Nile * Harmonics / Martyn's Jig * The Bear Dance * Ae Fond Kiss * Brose and Butter / Drops of Brandy * When I Dream * Traffic * Hogties Jig / Baltic Square Jig * Sharon and Mark * A Raft of Oak.

Corrina Hewat has been a key figure in several landmark Scottish music ventures of recent years, including the 2002 Scottish Women tour, Linn Records' Complete Works of Robert Burns series, and the 31-strong Unusual Suspects concert at the Celtic Connections 2002 festival.

Corrina has a foot in several camps - as a harp-player of international renown, an interpretive singer equally at home in the repertoires of Scottish traditional music and jazz, and as a composer.

On this album, traditional slip jigs and reels sit happily alongside the beautiful Sandy Mason standard When I Dream and a gorgeous version of the Robert Burns classic Ae Fond Kiss. As well as Corrina's My Favourite Place, and an improvisation on a traditional tune The Bear Dance, these tracks all make for a fascinating album from a fine musician.

With David Milligan (piano), Donald Hay (percussion), and Karine Polwart (backing vocals).

"After 10 years as a full-time musician, and having already appeared on albums by some 20 different artists and groups, Scottish harpist and singer Corrina Hewat hasn't exactly rushed into releasing her debut solo CD. But she's not been idle, either, emerging as a performer, composer, arranger and tutor of equal note, with a touring schedule that's taken her across three continents... The central trait unifying Hewat's multiple gifts is her fondness and facility for exploring interfaces - chiefly between folk and jazz, but also in among blues, soul and classical influences. All this breadth of experience and style finds marvellously concentrated yet spacious expression on My Favourite Place" (Sue Wilson, Sunday Herald)

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