The World Pipe Band Championships 2007 vol 2 CD

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(Autumn 2007) 14 tracks (1h 16 mins)

The World Pipe Band Championships have been operating regularly since 1930, when the Scottish Pipe Band Association (today known as the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association) was formed. For competitive bands, the title of World Champion is highly coveted, and this event is seen as the culmination of a year's worth of preparation, rehearsal and practice.

Saturday 11th August 2007 saw 286 bands descending upon Glasgow Green to decide who would be the next World Champions over 8 Grades. The rain couldn't dampen the spirits of the bands or the fantastic Glasgow crowd in what was yet another exciting competition.

This CD includes recordings of each of the seven lower-placed Grade One bands' performances of their 2 sets, with a tune listing. The soundtrack is identical to the vol 2 DVD of the 2007 event.

Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl (PM A Renwick): MSR - Donald Cameron / Dora MacLeod / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran * Medley: John Garroway / Elizabeth Kelly's Delight / Silver Creek Traditional Air / Annie Grant / The Muckle Dram / The Happy Onion Chopper.

Manawatu Scottish Society (PM S McKenzie): MSR - Hugh Kennedy / Blair Drummond / John MacKechnie * Medley - The Road to Lipetsk / The Unfaithful Lover / Donald MacLean / Poyntzfield / The Strathspey King / Annie Grant / Gravelwalk Minor / The Three Devils.

Scottish Power (PM C Armstrong): MSR - Donald Cameron / Dora MacLeod / MacAllister's Dirk * Medley: The Three Peaks of South Uist / The Old Wife of the Mill Dust / Lament for Mary MacLeod / Schottische on Benbecula / Guards Club Recital Series / Keith's Reel / The Little Cascade.

Los Angeles Scots (PM C Armstrong): MSR - Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band / Caledonian Society of London / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran * Medley: Atholl Highlanders / Smoking in the Kitchen / Robert Clark of Wishaw / Jennifer Finlayson / Nine of Diamonds / Bugsy and Tess / The Ardvasar Blacksmith / Lily Christie.

Clan Gregor Society (PM D Clunie): MSR - Lord Alexander Kennedy / Dora MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House * Medley: The Puppet Master / Lady Madelina Sinclair / Caber Feidh / John's Elusive Hackle / Billy's Belly / Davie's Mammoth Mountain / 9th Street Nervous Breakdown / MacDonald Brothers.

Australia Highlanders (PM D Doyle): MSR - Clan MacRae Society / Blair Drummond / John Morrison of Assynt House * Medley: Stand Fast / Bridge / New York Connection / Stand Fast / Rare Air / The Iron Man / The Caledonian Society of London / Dragan's Lair (Hellfire Station) / The Abyss / Rattle n' Hum.

Alberta Caledonia (PM J Gattinger): MSR - The Highland Wedding / Maggie Cameron / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran * Medley - The Man from Skye / Donald Cameron's Powderhorn / The Cat and the Dog / Stew Piddidy's Jig / Polyrhythymically Challenged / Duncan Lamont / Blackley of Hillsdale / Sleepy Maggie / The Rejected Suitor.

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