The World Pipe Band Championships 2002 vol 2

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(September 2002) 15 tracks

Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia - Medley: Archie Kenneth / The Boys of the Lough / Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness / Sarah's Song / Captain Horne / Blackley of Hillsdale / The Black Mill / The Banjo Breakdown.

Dysart and Dundonald - MSR: Clan MacRae Society / Maggie Cameron / The Rookery * Medley: Maw's Wedding / The Sleepfighter / Clarke's Jig / The Judge's Dilemma / Prince's Bridge / Caber Feidh / Back in Black / McLeod's / Joe's Rant.

David Urquhart Travel - MSR: The Clan MacRae Society / Maggie Cameron / Loch Carron * Medley: Tom Fisher's March / Rakes of Kildare / Fraser Allison's Jig / Cliffs of Doneen / Patty's Choice / Miss Jay's Strathspey / American Legion Bridge / Paddy Le Blanc / The Brothers Kirkwood / Pibroch O' Donald Dhu / American Legion Bridge.

Los Angeles Scots - MSR: Royal Scottish Pipers Society / Dora MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House * Medley: Carry On Regardless / The Fiddlers Joy / Lady MacKenzie of Gairloch / Night Piper / Susan Elizabeth's Reel / After Curfew / Leaving Arran / Minnie Hynd / Peter and Leslie's Jig / Cleaning House.

Toronto Police - MSR: The Braes of Badenoch / Susan MacLeod / John McKechnie * Medley: Kennedy Street / Paul K's Strathspey / I Would Make Merry with the Black Haired Girl / Sarah Lawrie / Miss Girdle / The Fairy Dance / The Fairway Dance / Brenda Stubbart's Reel / Spancil Hill / The Humour's of Whiskey / Lucky Strikes / Cathall McConnell's Jig / The Geese in the Bog.

Ravara - MSR: The Clan MacRae Society / Dora MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House * Medley: The Black Bag Syndrome / Tom O'Rourke / Johnny the Tree Wrecker / Sleepless in Santa Rita / Caledonian Society of London / Annie Grant / Asleep at the Wheel / The Tourist.

Peel Regional Police - MSR: Hugh Kennedy / Bogan Lochan / John Morrison of Assynt House * Medley: Peaches on Parade / Bunston Burner / Missie Sumrell of Aloha / Do Lamh A Chiosda / Miss Drummond of Perth / Struan Robertson / Hen in the Woods / Eddie Sleeps / Red Ryan's Revenge.

Lothian and Borders Police - MSR: The Conundrum / Dora MacLeod / The Smith of Chilliechassie * Medley: Calum Beag / Atholl Cummers / The Bottler / Song for the Smallpipe / Cut and Dry / Blair Anderson / Sergeant Malkie Bow's Consternation.

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