The Iron Horse - The Wind Shall Blow For Ever More

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(January 2004) 12 tracks: Givingamp / The Braes of Mayen / MacLeod's O'Rafferty * Marstein / In Watercolour / Templewood * Duncan Gray * Da Grocer / The Bride's Reel / Birlin' in Brittany / The Cambridge Hornpipe * The Twa Corbies * Cille Choirill / Jim's Prayer Medley * Cara's Bite / Jump at the Sun / Jig of Life * Helen of Kirkconnel * Amber and Steel / Brook's Bouree * I Love my Bouzouki / Hungarian Tune / Bulgarian Red * The Handsome Cabin Boy * The Emigrant / The West End Reel / The Clover Field.

The sixth album from acclaimed Scottish roots band The Iron Horse. This is the band's first release since 1997 and is a return to the sound of their earlier albums, namely their critically acclaimed self-titled debut and the award-winning Thru Water, Earth and Stone.

Joining Annie Grace and Gavin Marwick, who have been on board since the band's inception, are Ross Kennedy and Stevie Lawrence, who have both previously performed and recorded with the band. It was Ross who started the band in 1990, have previously been a member of the Tannahill Weavers, while Stevie replaced Ross in the line-up after his decision to leave the band shortly after the release of the first album.

Also appearing on the album is Stuart Glasgow. Stuart has a fine pedigree in the industry as musician, producer and engineer having worked with bands from the mainstream as well as traditional artists.

The Iron Horse are Ross Kennedy (vocals, guitar, bouzouki), Annie Grace (backing vocals, whistles, pipes), Gavin Marwick (fiddles, mandolin), Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, cittern, hurdy gurdy, percussion) and Stuart Glasgow (keyboards, programming).

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